About HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. It is a network of more than 2,000 hospitals and cares facilities across 21 states and the United Kingdom. HCA Healthcare’s mission is to provide quality healthcare services that are accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for all patients.

The company invests heavily in leading medical technologies that help its physicians deliver superior outcomes for their patients. Its extensive clinical programs span over 50 specialties, including advanced imaging technologies, genetics research, robotic surgery, and telemedicine.

HCA Healthcare also offers a range of support services to the communities it serves. This includes providing access to health education, community events, and resources on health-related topics.

FoundersDr. Thomas Frist Sr., Dr. Thomas Frist Jr., and Jack Massey
HeadquartersNashville, Tennessee, United States
Number of EmployeesOver 280,000
Number of Hospitals186
Number of Surgery Centers2,000+
Annual Revenue (2021)$62.7 billion
Ticker SymbolHCA

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